Educational Resources for Particle Technology

From 1998 through 2011 ERPT provided on-line, just-in-time, world-wide, free-of-charge tutorials in particle technology as a public service of the Particle Technology Forum of the AIChE.

On December 1, 2011, this site was retired because over the past decade the resources that ERPT has provided have been surpassed by many new websites and applications such as
  • search engines (Google, Chrome, GoogleBooks, GoogleScholar, JSTOR, etc.)
  • communal knowledge bases (Wikipedia, YouTube, etc.)
  • professional networks (Linked-in, AIChE network, ACS network, etc.)
  • professional organization resource bases (AIChE's ChemE on Demand, Knovel, AccessEngineering, etc.)
Thank you for your interest in and former use of this pioneering website.
Because there is some continued interest in the material that was posted we have kept much of it online (with slightly different URLs). It will no longer be updated or indexed by the major indexing search engines. If you know the old URL simply insert after the directory-name retiredsite/. Thus the home page is now at
Since the site is not being updated the links to external sites will gradually become dead ends.

A permanent archive of ERPT the site as it was in July 2011
is located at